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Deribit Institutional Solutions

Revolutionizing Institutional

Crypto Derivative Trading

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Innovative features for optimal performance.

Our trading solutions, focused on institutions, feature cutting-edge technologiesthat provide access to the crypto derivatives markets.

Icon of Low Latency

Low Latency

Experience unparalleled speed in the world 
of cryptocurrency with an astonishing 1,6 ms latency - the lowest in the market.

Icon of Portfolio Margin

Portfolio Margin

Offers capital efficiency through a sophisticated and proven portfolio margin system.

Icon of Co-Location


Deribit offers co-location for fast trading on Equinix LD4 in Slough UK.

Icon of Third Party Custody

Third Party Custody

Trade with confidence using ISO 27001-certified third party custody solution, ensuring secure and efficient transactions with minimized risk.

Icon of Block Trades

Block Trades

Unlock the full potential of crypto-derivative trading with Blocktrades - where institutions negotiate large orders with maximum privacy 
and efficiency.

Icon of Combo Books

Combo Books

Trade multileg option strategies, such as butterflies, straddles, calendar spreads, boxspreads and condors.

Icon of Request for Quote (RFQ)

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Deribit offers RFQ trading which provides traders with on-demand liquidity for their orders, particularly during times when the screen markets have low trading volumes.

Icon of Implied Matching

Implied Matching

Coming Soon

Implied spread trading significantly boosts market liquidity by connecting the spread and outright markets.

Icon of Gold Standard Proof of Reserves

Gold Standard Proof of Reserves

Deribit holds a 1:1 reserve of all customer assets, and verification of assets and liabilities takes place every day.

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Open for Everyone

We serve a wide rangeof institutional traders since 2016

Liquidity ProvidersCrypto ExchangesHedge FundsBrokersAsset ManagersMining CompaniesHigh Net Worth IndividualsInvestment FundsCorporatesProperty FirmsFinancial Institutions
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Connect with Industry’s 
Preferred API’s


Deribit provides traders with a range of API options for streamlined 
connectivity to our exchange. Our FIX API and WebSocket API offer fast 
and reliable access to market data and trading functionality.

The FIX API, favored in the traditional electronic trading sector for its straightforward implementation, is one of our offerings. We also provide a REST API for additional flexibility.

Deribit introduced a groundbreaking multicast service, making it the first crypto exchange to offer this advanced connectivity option.

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Superior Trading Infrastructure

For connectivity, we offer AWS Direct Connect, Cross-Connect within the datacenter, or co-located services. These options ensure quick access while avoiding reliance on the public internet.

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Market Maker Protection

Deribit Market Maker Protection (MMP) is an automated mechanism that allows a market maker to withdraw their quotes if specific conditions are met, such as exceeding a particular trade volume in a specified time frame. This reduces the risk of overtrading, giving the market maker time to reassess the situation before restoring their quotes.

This institutional-grade offering allows for tighter quotes with larger volumes, benefiting the retail traders as well.

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